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Breed: Borzoi/Bull Mastiff mix
DOB: 8/4/2014
Sex: Spayed female
Weight: 64 pounds
Foster home: Julie

If you meet me at an adoption event, you may see me trying to hide but I am not like that in my foster home.

Krysta0716 Krysta hiding web

In my foster home, at first I was scared but after a couple of days, I realized my foster mom wasn’t going to do anything bad to me so now I am sweet and affectionate.  In fact, I sometimes even forget that I have grown up and I try to get in her lap!

I love other medium to large dogs and I love to play tug-o-war with toys with them or I will get a toy and race around the yard with it and play with just the toy.  I love to run and I love to run and I love to run.  Because of this, I will need to go to a home with a fully fenced in yard and not one of those underground ones.

I went to a new home and I ended up having a few seizures.  I never had them before and now I haven’t had any again since but I just wanted to let you know.

I have not met any cats but my sister was in a foster home with cats and she didn’t bother them at all so it is possible I could live with cats.

When I come in the house, I often go to my crate to lay down and rest.  I am young enough that I could get into things so I am crated at night and when no humans are home.  I don’t mind my crate at all and will probably need one to “hide” in for a few days when I get adopted.  But don’t worry.  I will soon learn to trust you and you won’t be sorry you adopted me!

I really am a borzoi and bull mastiff mix.  A dna test was donated so I was checked out.

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