Breed: Chihuahua/Dachshund mix
DOB: 2013
Sex: Spayed female
 7 lbs
Foster home: Paula & Tim

Corrina was found as a stray and remained unclaimed through legal stray hold.  She was very scared at the shelter where she was held will looking for her owner. She was networked to APB and our foster home where she has thrived in a quieter home environment.  Corrina is likely a “ChiWee” dog, (Chihuahua/Dachshund mix), weighs approx. 7 lbs, female, spayed, UTD on shots, microchipped and HW negative.  The shelter had her age at 3…. her teeth are pretty clean so she may even be a bit younger.  She has no known health issues and appeared in good shape when she was found.  We think she may have had a litter of puppies at some point in her young life.

Corrina, in foster exhibits a perfect blend of ChiWee temperaments so researching both breeds will give a good description of what she is like.  She is a sturdy little dog who bonds very closely with her humans and seems to prefer humans to other dogs.  It is not known how she will be with cats or pocket pets but considering the dachshund breed, she may likely view them as prey…  She will try to play with select dogs in foster and could be placed with another dog with proper matching.  She does play with toys and has a love of Nylabones, but will hoard and guard those from other dogs so vigilance would need to be had when she is given those.  She loves to be on laps, can be handled readily….but is a bit squeamish about nail trims and we are working on that in foster.  She loves back scratches and to be snuggled under warm blankets with her human.

Corrina is crate trained when left in her crate overnight or when we leave for a few hours.  She has used piddle pads in a confined space, (gated off room for instance), if we are gone for longer than a few hours.  She does well on a schedule for pottying outside but will not signal when she needs to go out yet, so vigilance at first should be the rule for her in the beginning, as is customary for many newly adopted dogs.  She is not particularly fond of snow but will go out in it.  Because her coat is so short…. she should not be left out for more than a few minutes in cold weather.  We have not tried putting coats on her yet so that she could go on extended walks but she will walk and potty while on leash/harness.  She does travel well in a car.

The ideal home for Corrina would be one that is moderately active, easy access, (very short legs!), fenced yard preferred but not required if she is on a leash/harness.  She does like to run.  Electric, underground fences will not be considered.  Corrina would do best in a quieter home without children as she can be stranger shy and does not do well with a lot of chaos and noise, (those ears!).  She is a bit selective of the 7 other dogs in foster and will stand up for herself with the larger ones.  Placement in a multi-dog home may be done on a trial basis if needed.

Corrina has been a delight in foster and will make a lovely companion for her furever home. Think Corrina is the girl for you? Apply below. Email with specific questions.

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