Pet Friendly Housing

Looking for a new house or apartment to rent?  Make sure to find a place that can accommodate your entire family – pets too!  It’s never been easier to find pet-friendly rentals.


Choose the type of rental that you are looking for, and enter a city and state or zip code.… Read more

“No” to Puppy Mills

So you’ve decided to add a dog to your family.  Congratulations!

We understand that there are many different ways to find a new dog for your family.  And we’d love to have you rescue a dog from us, but we know that some people will want to purchase a dog from a breeder and that is okay!  … Read more

Health and Safety Tips

The following information is taken from the blog and was written by various authors. Many other topics are available at Other health and safety resources are available at Dr. Jean Dodds’ Pet Health Resource blog,, and

In the Household

A simple rule to follow: if it is unsafe or unhealthy for humans, consider it unsafe or unhealthy for animals.… Read more

Training Tips

Training Tips

The science and practice of dog training have made incredible advances in the last decade! As a result, many “traditional” training approaches have been replaced by more modern approaches that are based on mammalian learning theory and humane behavior modification research.… Read more