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    Jumps on peopleJumps fencesUrinates/defecates in houseDigsDestructive chewingChases cars/bikeschases/kills small animalsRuns awaySteals foodGuards/protective of food/toysBarks excessivelySeparation anxietyThunderstorm anxietyOther:

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    Which of the following does your dog enjoy? (Please check all that apply)
    riding in the cargoing on walksbeing pettedbeing brushedplaying fetchhuntingswimmingjoggingobedience trainingplaying with other dogsplaying with childrenplaying tugplaying frisbeedoing agilityother:
    Are there any parts of the body that your dog doesn't like to have touched, and how does he/she let you know?

    Describe any situation where your dog has snapped, nipped or bitten anyone?

    How do you discipline your dog?

    What concerns do you have about placing your dog in a new home?

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