On a Trial Adoption!

Breed: Mixed breed

DOB: 2011
Sex: Spayed female
10 pounds
Foster home: Julie

Fostered in Holland, MI

No I am not a boy like that famous Disney character called Micky Mouse.  I am a pretty FEMALE.

I was such a mess when I ended up at the shelter that they asked for me to go to a rescue so I had time to heal up and grow my hair back!


After getting to my foster home, they noticed that I tried to go potty every few minutes.  The veterinarian took a radiograph and I had two huge stones in my bladder that almost filled it up.  Of course they were removed and I feel SO much better!
However, my foster mom says I probably was never treated very well because I was really shy of anyone trying to pet me or picking me up.  It didn’t take me long to trust humans and now when I go to adoption events, I get so excited about meeting new people because they are kind to me and even give me treats sometimes!  

I love to run around outside with other dogs but if they act aggressive to me, I don’t trust them and try to avoid them.  So far I am not sure if I care about doggie toys and while I met a few older children at adoption events, I might not be a choice for a family with really small children.

It is tough to describe what breed I am because I do not act much like any of the breeds that show up in my DNA.

If you have any questions, please email tzupoomom@gmail.com .

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