There is still a COVID threat in Michigan. However, some adoptions will be considered – especially in the Greater Lansing area.

All of our dogs are fostered in private homes. Our volunteer fosters are of different ages, and may have different comfort levels for meeting with applicants and proceeding with an adoption. If you are interested in a dog, and the foster home is willing to conduct a socially distant meeting and potential adoption, please honor all requests for precautions – masks, etc. If the dog you are interested in is not available for a meeting because of the current virus situation, please understand that we will not force our valuable volunteers into a situation that may not be safe for them or their household. Your application will be held until it is safe to proceed. Thanks for your understanding during this difficult time!

Our Meet-and-greet Pet Parade events at Petco are still on hold and will resume when it is considered safe for everyone’s health to do so.