Ziva0716 Ziva0716-2

Breed: Borzoi/Bull Mastiff mix
DOB: 2014
Sex: Spayed female
Weight: 73 pounds
Foster home: Julie

I’m not a lot like the Ziva from the TV show other than I am fairly agile and can be athletic.  I am not near as brave as she is as I get pretty nervous in new situations and when I met new people.  It took me a few days to feel comfortable in my foster home but now I love my foster mom and I love to get attention from her.  I loved my former owner but I never got to meet new people or go to new places so I will need someone to help me become more socialized.

These other dogs are fun to play with but I get a little rough for dogs that are not real sturdy.  I have been known to bump into them when I am playing because I use to bump my sister Gretta all the time to try and make her fall down.  Gretta never minded so I haven’t really learned yet that some dogs don’t like that.

I live with some dogs that are as small as 10 pounds but foster mom doesn’t let me outside with them unless she is right there with all of us.  She says she isn’t sure yet if I have a prey drive like some sighthounds.  I might be okay with cats but I have never seen one so no one knows for sure how I will act.

While I need some outdoor exercise, I am one of the first of the dogs to want to come back into the house to just lay around.  Sometimes I even go in my crate to nap but most anywhere to lay down is fine with me.  I wasn’t completely house trained when I came into foster so I was crated when no one was home and at night and I actually like my crate.  It probably doesn’t hurt that I get a treat when foster mom puts me in there but I am more than ready when it is time to go on in.


If you are looking for a new best friend, it won’t take me very long to become one.  Just fill out the application and we can get started on a new home for me!

If you would like more information, please email tzupoomom@gmail.com.

This dog is fostered in Holland, MI

If you would like to apply for this dog, click here: Adoption Application