Zinga-pixzin-closeup zin-catching-a-frisbee-1

Breed: Chihuahua
DOB: 2012
Sex: Spayed female
11 lbs
Foster home: Paula

Looking for a fun dog with some spunk?  Look no further!!   This little dynamo has abundant comical personality, smarts, playful energy and snuggles to give you!! 


Little Zinga was found as a stray, emaciated and full of fleas.  Sadly no one came forward to claim this little cutie, so ZinZin is in foster with Animal Placement Bureau.  After being completely vetted, and rehabilitated, she is ready to find her perfect forever home.  It is thought that Zin is a 4 year old Chihuahua or Chihuahua mix.  She weighs 11 lbs, is spayed, heartworm negative, has had all her shots, and is microchipped.  She does have a mild luxating patella in her left rear leg which is a very common affliction in the Chihuahua breed.  Her vet does not think that it will ever require surgery.  What we know in her foster home is that none of her very fast foster siblings can catch her when she runs!

Even though Zinga is most likely a Chihuahua breed, her temperament in foster more closely resembles that of a Rat Terrier.  Zin gets along extremely well with other dogs of equal energy and size to hers and a home with another fun loving dog of similar size would be perfect for Zin.  Zin is crate trained, impeccably house trained and will also use piddle pads when necessary.  She likes car rides, and even knows a few tricks, most of which she learned within a day’s time!  Zin has never been an inappropriate chewer but does like soft nylabones and stuffed toys to play with. She is extremely smart and very much a “problem solver”.  She loves to learn new things.  Zin also LOVES to run, play fetch and has shown quite the ability to play Frisbee.  She gets so excited over these, “chase“, games that she quivers!!   She is a very intense and focused little girl when it comes to playing fetch or Frisbee, and could even be taught agility, nose work etc.  But like Ratties, Zin is also content to lay next to her person and snuggle with a warm blanket on a cold Michigan night.

Not all APB dogs require a fenced yard however the proper home for Zin would be one with a minimum of a 4 foot fence as she can jump quite high.  Invisible fencing will not be suitable due to Zin’s high chase drive.  While she walks very well on a leash and harness, Zin would not be happy on a tie out as a way to relieve herself nor should she be in an “off leash” unconfined situation.  A home without pocket pets or cats will only be considered as it is expected that Zin would likely want to play with both.  Zinga will not be recommended for a home with small children below age 10 because of her energy level and rough play.  Young people also scare her a bit. She still has a tendency to be “mouthy” during play, much like a puppy, although a simple “NO” gets her to stop quickly and she is very aware, (and tries so hard), to be gentle.

Zin is one of those dogs with a HUGE personality in a small package.  She brings lots of laughs to her foster parents and in her perfect furever home, she will bring youthful, playful energy, eagerness to please, incredible smarts, and comedy. Are you her perfect match?

If you have questions about Zinga, email lisa@schnauzerama.org

If you would like to apply for this dog, click here: Adoption Application