Zander – 2012


PDA Surgery

Breed: Maltese
DOB: 2007
Sex: Neutered male
Foster home: Carlene

Most dogs born with my type of birth defect do not live as old as I have without having surgery to repair the heart problem. My defect must not be as severe as usual but I probably will not live the typical life span of my bred without getting checked out and probably having surgery. Unfortunately, I need to see a veterinarian who specializes in heart problems and so I need some extra money for an appointment and then surgery.
How about you? Got a little money to spare to help my broken heart? I can love you so much better if my heart beats normally!

I’ve had my surgery and I feel so much better. My heart beats like it should and my foster mom says that I’m now a spunky, energetic, playful little guy. I’m almost done recovering…would you like an adorable ‘lil boy to come live with you? Apply for me!