Liver shunt surgery

Breed: Shih Tzu/Yorkie mix DOB: 7-1-2010 Sex: Neutered male Foster home: Julie I am not really called Z Man but since there is another small dog that also needs help and his name is Zander, I figured I had to make sure everyone understands that there is a difference between us. Now why would a cute little dog like me need help? It seems I inherited some genes that weren’t so good. I think my mom’s owner should have been more careful before she let her get pregnant. I was born with a liver shunt. No one realized it at first because neither my mom nor my dad had symptoms but it is something that is not unheard of in shih tzus and is actually quite common in Yorkshire terriers. Before I was a year old, I started having balance problems and even started having seizures. My owner took me to our veterinarian and when she found out what was wrong, she started looking for rescue to take me because she had lost her job and could not afford the surgery I needed to make me better. My rescue people don’t have a lot of money either but after they met me and realized what a good boy I am, they decided to try and help me get better. If you want to donate money towards my surgery because you are nice person, that is great! But you can also claim it on your income tax because my rescue group is non-profit! Thanks to Leslie & Robert Nason for sponsoring Z-man! ZanderManmore0001