Tumor removal & biopsy, extensive dental

Breed: Maltese DOB: 1998 Sex: Spayed female Foster home: Julie yodapound2 These pictures are really all of me! Can you believe someone left me looking like a mass of matted cotton?!? And not only that, but I had a growth on my tail. So after I lost all my smelly mats, I went to the vet. He removed the mass but I lost my tail, too since the blood supply to my tail was all messed up in the tumor. They insist on keeping this plastic thing on my head for awhile because otherwise I will chew out the stitches. Yodacone It isn’t very easy for me to chew anymore though because after they cleaned my teeth and pulled out all the infected ones, I only have 3 of them left. I can still eat pretty good and I even like to eat the hard kibble that the other dogs eat, although I do love my soft food, too. And I have a good appetite and am pretty spunky for an old gal! Yodaoutside   If you are a fan of the maltese breed or if you just want to help me because I am so cute (or will be when my pretty fur grows back), please consider donating something to help pay for my expensive vet care! THANKS! Jim Waite sponsored Yoda as a gift for Linda & Tim Griffith – thanks for helping her!