Tyman – 2014


Cataract surgery

Breed: Shih Tzu
DOB: 2007
Sex: Neutered male
Weight: 14 pounds
Foster home: Dale

I sure have trouble seeing things. How can that be when I am only 6-7 years old? Well I have juvenile cataracts and the big problem is that they are causing inflammation inside my eyes (they are leaking proteins.) Right now I have eye drops that are helping the pain and my sensitivity to bright light but I really should have surgery to remove these lens that “hurt” me. If I don’t take the eye drops regularly, I could have other problems like glaucoma or retinal detachment and then I would go blind.

If I could have the surgery, I wouldn’t need the eye drops and I wouldn’t have to worry about other problems from the bad lens.

Some really nice people have raised enough money for me to see the eye doc already – that’s how come I know what is wrong with my sight – and there is a little left over for the surgery. Hopefully I can raise the rest of the money.

Thanks to the Cooley law students for their generous donation!




Thanks to Robert and Leslie Nason for my surgery! Everything went fine and I can really see now. It is fantastic! I feel so good and really like to run and play in the yard. I am ready to be adopted.

One minor problem – I can’t hear much at all, but I don’t let that bother me. I stay in my fenced yard and go by sight. When my foster dad wants me he just motions for me to come in. It takes a little getting used to but is really not a big problem for me.

A fenced yard would be great so I can’t get lost because I can’t hear you if you call me.

I am a super little guy. I have all my shots and will be microchipped. I am ready to find my forever home. I promise I will be good.


UPDATE: I can see! I am all ready for adoption!

It’s is really a good thing because now my foster dad wants me to tell you that he has discovered that I am deaf. It is so great that at least my sight could be repaired. Even though I am deaf, it was really not noticable at first. In fact, I was in my foster home for quite a while before they even suspected there might be something wrong with my hearing. They weren’t even sure at times if I was deaf or not. So being deaf isn’t all that big of a deal. I am still a happy boy who loves attention and is easy to have in your home.

Email lisa@schnauzerama.org for questions about me!