Breed: Shih Tzu
DOB: 9-27-2013
Sex: Neutered male
 18 lbs
Foster home: Carlene

Hiya! I’m Turbo. I came from a place with waaaaaay too many dogs! Elebenty billion! (That’s eleven, Turbo….)

I didn’t get a lot of medical stuff. So now I’ve been to the doggie doctor, and had a bunch of teeth removed. Ouch! Those really hurt, but I feel better now. Sometimes my tongue hangs out, ’cause I don’t have tons left. They told me it makes me ‘dorable!

I’m fine with other dog, and would be a lot of fun for another dog to play with. It’s not necessary, but we’d be a lot of fun together!

Fenced yard is required. I won’t walk on a leash, or potty one one – nope, zip, nada, zero! I gotta be freeeeeee!

Think I’m the ‘lil dude for you? Apply below! Email lisa@schnauzerama.org with specific questions.

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