Treatment for emaciation and surgery for maggot infested area

Breed: Bichon/maltese mix? DOB: 2008 Sex: Neutered male Foster home: Amy

Sweet little Topher is less than a year old and he’s very lucky to be alive. He came into APB so weak from starvation that he could not walk and had no control of his bowels or bladder, he definitely had almost lost the fight. But this little guy still had the will to eat and you can’t give up on them if they haven’t given up. After a day of small meals, he was able to walk around, hold his pee and chew at his back end. We thought it was the mats in his incredibly neglected coat that he was chewing at, but at his vet appointment first thing the next morning, a maggot fell out as his foster mom was holding him and then we knew what he had been chewing at and what a horrifying thought that was!! A quick peek made his foster mom burst into tears, it was bad enough that he was almost starved, but to also have parasites eating him alive, how could someone have let it get to this point, this is definitely the worst case of neglect that his foster mom has seen. Now this poor little guy, who should have only been concerned with getting the food and water he so desperately needed, was going to have to try to make it through surgery to remove the maggots and recover from the anesthesia. topher2 Topher is now maggot free and is doing good, he’s about ready to come home from the hospital to the care of his foster mom who wants nothing more than to see this pup romping, playing and maybe even chewing on her shoe. His appetite is back and he’s quite fond of turkey baby food so far which is a start. Please keep this dear pup in your thoughts and prayers and consider sponsoring him if you’re able. Thank you and we will continue to update you with news and pics of his recovery. topher7-30-08 Update 7-14-08 Monday morning finds Topher a much stronger pup than he was last week. Today he got up out of bed on his own and he stood for his breakfast meal. He is getting steadier on his feet and can walk a short distance, especially when foster mom tries to wipe his bum, it’s still tender! A weekend of small meals every hour or two has given this guy some much needed energy. His wounds are healing, we’ve gotten some kisses and tail wags and he really loves his gentle massages along his itchy, boney body. Update 7-21-08 Wow, what a difference a week can make. Topher is no longer anemic and he’s gained 2lbs!! He’s got no use for baby food anymore, give him the real stuff thank you very much. He’s an ultimate snuggler and just such a sweet and appreciative boy. His eye is healing too, on top of everything else, he also had a very deep ulcer in his left eye, but that is clearing up and the life is coming back to both of his eyes. He even played tug for a few seconds. His wounds and skin look great for what he’s been through too and he should be growing hair on his whole body soon. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Update 7-31-08 We should have named him Happy Feet because that is what this little guy has now! He does his happy, prancy dance all over the house, stands on his hind legs, jumps, and I got my wish, he is chewing on all sorts of things like a puppy should. We couldn’t be happier and neither could little Topher, he is full of cuddles and kisses for everyone he meets and tries to get every other furry friend to play with him. It’s just amazing to think back of how he was and see him now, this is how he should have always been. Thanks to Karla and Dimitri Frentzos for sponsoring Topher! Darlene Calvin sponsored Topher in memory of Peaches! Joli Ami Salon sponsored Topher, too!