Breed:  Toy Fox Terrier
DOB: 2006
Sex: Neutered male
Weight: 12 pounds
Foster home: Linda M

Toby came into rescue with another older toy fox terrier.  They had been together since they were under a year old.  Toby’s buddy was diagnosed with kidney disease and passed away and Toby is now lonely without another small dog.  He would do best in a house who has another little dog for him to play with and to cuddle up with.
He likes all toys and chewy bones, and especially likes to fetch a ball.  He play-bows with other dogs to get them to play with him as long as they aren’t too rough. He is like most terriers: strong and independent but he has a sensitive side to him too which makes him a fun dog to foster.
The marks on his nose are scars from when his mouth was taped shut as a puppy but are all healed now.   He does have elevated liver enzymes so will need to be fed the liver food only sold by veterinarians for the remainder of his life but it doesn’t cost any more than the premium dog food sold at pet food stores. He is crate and house trained and loves to go for walks and rides in the car.

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