Extensive tumor removal & biopsy and Luxating Patella surgery

Breed: Toy Poodle mix DOB: 2005 Sex: Spayed female Weight: 8 pounds Foster home: Abbie I think there was a special somewhere on dogs with knee problems! Yes, I am another shelter dog that needed surgery on my knees. However, I am a little more special because before my knees had their surgery, I first had to have lots of lumps and bumps on my belly removed and biopsied when I had my spay surgery. It was good news though! Some were benign and some were the kind of bumps that were completely removed so they won’t grow back and new ones hardly ever come after a spay. But once I got over all that business, of course I was still walking really funny and almost everyone noticed that I was having lots of trouble. My doctor said that I really needed to come back and have both knees fixed up. Whew! I wasn’t sure I wanted to spend all that money on myself because I am not a flashy and spoiled little girl and I can live simply but maybe someone will help and send some money to help me out with this big bill. Meanwhile, if you are interested in adopting me, I can tell you that I am a just a calm, easy-going and independent little dog, who really doesn’t need much. I wouldn’t mind if you have some cats because they are lots of fun to chase!!! And while people are calling me a dog, I am not too sure about that. I have this little soft bed that I like to sleep in and if any of those dogs come around and are thinking about trying to share it or to bother me, I chase them away. It is my bed, not a dog bed! Even though I made a lot of car rides to the vet, I still love to go with out. If I see that you are ready to go for a ride, I know you want to take me and I will do a little happy dance just to let you know that I would definitely be thrilled to go along with you! TiffanyPooHHSface Thanks to BowWow Brown for sponsoring Tiffany!