Orthopedic Surgery

Breed: Miniature Poodle DOB: 2008 Sex: Spayed female Foster home: Julie TerraCottaSue1 Terracotta, like some pottery, must have fallen or been bumped by something and she “broke”.  She has a broken leg near her foot.  Once her bones are healed, Terracotta is going to be treated for heartworm.  It is very difficult to imagine that anyone would not be looking for her in the first place because she is such a sweet little dog but then to realize that they never gave her heartworm preventative to keep her safe from heartworm disease is even more baffling. While we wait for her to be ready for adoption – hopefully no later than mid-July – she would welcome any donations to help with the big vet bills she is going to have!  They could be as high as $2000 or more after getting all that she needs. Once she is ready for adoption, we will post an update and then we will accept applications. Meanwhile, please do not ask to adopt Terracotta Sue until an update is posted that she is ready for adoption as she has a few rough months ahead of her for medical treatments.  It is too soon to be sure what type of home would work for her.  If you are not able to donate towards her expenses but are interested in adopting her, I recommend you continue your search for a different dog or else check back in July when we have an update on her. Update August 15:  The bones in Terracotta’s leg were healed enough for the pin and plate to be removed.  After she recovered from this surgery, she started the main heartworm treatment.  We have to restrict her activity for a few more weeks to help prevent complications.  Hopefully all will go well and she will be ready for adoption in early September.