Breed:  Shih Tzu
DOB: 2009
Sex: Neutered male
Weight:  19 pounds
Foster home: Julie

I use to live with a lot of other shih tzus and I get along great with all other dogs. I don’t play with them but I don’t mind their company. I prefer to follow my foster mom to whichever room she goes in because I adore attention. I don’t mind riding in a vehicle but I don’t really understand this leash business. I was not really housetrained in my previous home because there were too many of us but with a fenced yard, I am learning.

If you want to adopt me, you will either have to have a fenced yard or else work with me on walking in a leash to do my business – I may have a lot of “accidents” while I get use to that leash.  I am doing a little better when I wear a harness but it is still strange to me.

When in a new place or meeting new people, I am a little shy. I enjoy the attention and treats and start to relax a little so please be patient with me. Once I trust you, you will get my affection and devotion!

My legs are pretty short and my foster home doesn’t have very many steps. If you have a lot of steps, I may need to be carried up a down and I have to warn you, I am pretty heavy. It probably would be good for me to lose a pound or two but I still may not be able to do a whole staircase.

I am healthy but I do have a heart murmur.  Currently I do not have any symptoms but it is something you need to know about me.

Oh, there is something special about me that my foster mom wants me to mention. A lot of shih tzus need to be brushed every day or they need to be kept groomed short because otherwise their hair starts to clump together and they get covered in mats. Not me!   I only need to be brushed every week or so and my handsome hair stays really nice.

If you would like more information, please email tzupoomom@gmail.com.

This dog is fostered in Holland, MI

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