Sophie Tzu

Breed:  Shih tzu/Maltese mix
DOB: 7/7/2006
Sex: Spayed female
Weight: 14
Foster home: Julie

I was tired of having puppies and while I lived in a house and was only crated once in a while, there were too many other dogs and I didn’t get very much attention.  I love humans and when they talk to me and pet me and hold me, I am so happy!

Walking on a leash is a little strange to me.  I am use to a fenced yard.  If you put a harness on me and then try to walk me, I do a little better.  Don’t believe you can’t teach an old dog new tricks because I think I could figure it out if you a little patient with me.  Of course, I like to be carried so if you don’t care if I will walk on leash or not, that is fine with me, too.

When it is time to go outside, I am very good at following the other dogs to go out there to do my business.  I haven’t learned how to tell you that I have to go out there but I can probably learn that, too.

Cuddling up with another little dog in a doggie bed is nice and these big dogs are no problem.  I haven’t met any cats so I am not sure what I think of them.  The little people I met at the adoption event petted me and I liked it.  I am pretty easy going and rarely bark.  I could probably live in most any kind of a household so just fill out an application and then maybe I can go home with you.

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This dog is fostered in Holland, MI

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