Ophthalmologist Exam and Tacrolimus medicine

Breed: Miniature Schnauzer DOB: 2-2002 Sex: Neutered male Foster home: Lisa Hiya! I’m the Smokey-dude. My foster mom says I’m awesome with a capital A. The humans left me at a shelter…so APB is gonna find me a great new home. I’m housebroken – I had a couple of accidents the first couple of days, but I ask to go out, and once those silly ole humans learned how to pay attention, it’s all good! And I’m quiet and well behaved – I found the couch this week, and that’s my kind of spot to hang out! There’s just one ‘lil thing tho. I’m blind. Yep. Can’t see a darn thing. But I’m SUCH a smart boy that I learned my way all ’round my foster home really quick!! One of the humans thought I was faking, I get around so good! And I looooooove to go roam all around the yard! So, we’re gonna go see the doggie eye doctor, and see if he can tell us why I can’t see stuff. Watch for an update on me after we see the doc! Update: So the eye doctor says – yep, he can’t see! I have something called PRA – progressive retinal atrophy…my retinas don’t work anymore. I also have a rare form of dry eye – my eyes make enough tears, so I passed that part of the test. But, the mucus layer of the tears isn’t good enough…so the tears are there, but they don’t stick to my eyes. I’m on a medication called tacrolimus….my eyes are feeling much better now! But I need to be on this medicine forever and ever, please check with your vet before you apply to adopt me! Thanks to BowWow Brown & friends for sponsoring Smokey! Thank you to Leslie Nason for sponsoring Smokey’s meds and eye doctor visits! smokey0510-4