Heartworm treatment

Breed: Terrier mix DOB: 2006 Sex: Neutered male Foster home: Cheryl P. Sanders has likely spent his short life tied to a rope or chain outside. And tragically, during that time, he was infected with Heartworm. He is currently undergoing the grueling, painful treatment for the parasite that has crowded into his heart and arteries. He will be in held in quiet confinement until mid-November after which he will be neutered. Sanders and Animal Placement Bureau would be extremely thankful for some generous and thoughtful person or persons to sponsor his treatment. Little Sanders is friendly and gentle with all adults. He is initially timid with men but responds affectionately within a few minutes. Even though he liked to romp (before his treatment began) with the two dogs with which he currently lives, his foster mom thinks he would love to get ALL the attention in the house instead of having to share it. His response to cats and children are unknown at this time. Sanders has lovely wavy, wire-y hair mixed with silver strands and a funny silver beard with red hightlights. He is small fellow with big, brown eyes. Sanders_-_body_15 Sanders is re-discovering his own value after a short life without being part of a family. He is learning that he has worth and is savoring being part of a family. He likes looking like every other modern little boy in his Spiderman scarf; a sweet little fellow trying to fit in. He likes nothing more than laying on his foster mom’s lap, putting his head on her shoulder to take a nap. He lays incredibly still on her lap for a long time hoping she’ll forget he’s there and he can stay. He didn’t know about being in a house and was surprised by the doors and the television but has adapted quickly to having a soft, warm, dry dog bed in which to snuggle. He is able to stay in a crate without accidents for up to 8 hours but is trustworthy staying outside his crate all day long also. He is healthy, gently affectionate and seeks always to please humans. He’ll be a quiet, gentle, affectionate family member.