Ruby Girl



Breed:  Beagle mix
DOB: 2007
Sex: Spayed female
Weight: 45 pounds
Foster home: Julie

Ruby loves to go for car rides and to visit anyone, even the veterinary office.  She loves adoption events where she is convinced all those people arriving want to see and pet her.  She hasn’t lived with small children but was more than happy to let them pet her.  However, she would be likely to steal food from them so she should go to a home where only older children live.

Like many beagles and other hounds, Ruby will not share her food. Even if she leaves a little, she will guard it until it is taken away. She doesn’t guard it from humans but no dog better try to get it or she will give them a major warning.

Ruby lives with other dogs of all ages and sizes.  She does well with them most of the time but she wouldn’t mind if she was the only dog.  She has not met any cats since we have had her so we are not sure how she would be with them.

Sometimes Ruby sleeps in a crate if there is an open one but she isn’t crated when humans are gone nor at night when they go to bed.  She is housetrained but since she has a lot of beagle characteristics, she will need either a fenced yard or else to be leashed walked when she goes outside.  She does not need a lot of exercise as she mostly likes to just wander around the yard when she is outside or else just “chill out” when she is in the house.

Ruby is starting to have some arthritis problems in her spine and hips but she can get on low furniture.

A DNA test for Ruby was donated so we now know what her breed mix is.



Ruby received Cytopoint injections and may need them in the future but she has not had any re-occurrence since her last injection on March 9.  It is very likely she will not have any further lesions.  (She was on our Extensive Care page for many months.  You can read about it at

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