Breed:  Australian Shepherd
DOB: 12/24/2016
Sex: Neutered male
Weight: 35 pounds

Foster: Linda M

Rookie is a 2 year old yellow merle australian shepherd. He is medium/high energy and weighs about 35 pounds.
He doesn’t greet new people well since he is far sighted:  things and people up too close to him are fuzzy so he barks
to get people to back up.  He is a love bug though once he knows someone so would be best in a home that doesn’t get
a lot of visitors. He could also use another adult aussie to play and hang with.  He is velcro with his people like most
aussies and very quick thinking and likes to play catch with balls. He needs a job to do and be intellectually challenged
(he is a big help with my other foster dogs.)  He loves to ride in the car and go for walks and is crate trained.
Rookie was born with a malabsorption disease of the small intestine and will need to eat prescription dog
food/treats for the rest of his life as well as need B12 shots three times a year. Rookie will need to be kept
away from all other dog/cat food in the house where he lives.
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