Roland (7)

Eosinophilic bronchopneumopathy

Breed: Jack Russell terrier DOB: 2004 Sex: Neutered male Foster home: Eve Oh oh oh I’m so happy! Even though I am very, very sick right now, I am still happy. See, I’m 4.5 years old, and up until a few months ago, I lived in a little cage at this place called a puppy mill. I didn’t get to see people very much, and some of the other dogs were mean to me! I have scars on my face, and I lost part of my nose! A lady took me away from that place and took me to her house! It was warm and dry with soft things to lie on and everything! I was coughing really badly. The rescue people gave me medicine for kennel cough because the other dog that the lady took from the puppy mill had it, and they thought maybe that’s why I was coughing. My cough didn’t get better, so they thought then that maybe I had a collapsing trachea. The puppy mill owner said I had coughed like this my whole life. When I went to the vet to get neutered, the vet saw how bad my mouth was. My teeth were green and fuzzy and infected and they had to take out 16 of them! I was under so long because my teeth were so bad, that I had trouble waking up, and they thought that maybe I would never wake up, but I fooled them and did! When I woke up, my teeth were gone, I had stitches in my mouth, parts of me were shaved and I had a pain patch stapled in my back! But you know what? I was still soooo happy happy happy! I’m always happy. Especially if you give me scratches! My tail wags and wags and wags. See, good things always happen. With my mouth sore, I got to eat wet food! See, always a silver lining. I’m a silver lining kinda boy. But then… I started coughing more. And then, my breath started smelling funny, and then, I coughed up blood. The vet lady said that I have chronic bronchitis and pneumonia really bad. She said it might be caused by megaesophagus, where my esophagus dilates and can’t keep my food down, and sometimes it comes up and goes in my lungs. We’re not sure yet though. So now I have to go to the vet even more to make sure that I’m getting better and I have to eat expensive wet dog food. I’m taking three kinds of medicine and am turning into quite the pricey puppy. I’m so happy to be living in a house with a lady that pets me. Even though I feel yucky… honestly, this is the happiest I’ve ever been! I love it here, I really do, but the lady says I’m pricey, but worth it. Could you help me pay for all this special stuff? UPDATE 2/22/2009: Hi! It’s me Roland. I went to the special vets at MSU and they think I’m fancy! I mean, they think I have a fancy disease called eosinophilic bronchopneumopathy. That’s a condition where the insides of my lungs get inflamed and oozy. I’m getting special meds now that will hopefully make me feel better. The vet said that normally when dogs get this they can fix it right away. But see, I was at a puppymill where no one took me to the doctor, so instead of getting totally better, the vet said that they’re going to make me not have this fancy disease anymore, but all the scarring and stuff to my airway is going to be there forever and ever and that I’ll be prone to bronchitis and pneumonia my whole life. The vet said it was really sad that no one fixed me when I was little. roland0309-2 It cost more that $1500 to find out why I was feeling so yucky, and I still have to go back to the vet for xrays and stuff to make sure I’m getting better. Thank you, thank you everyone who has helped me! I’ve never had so many people care about me before. The lady says we still have lots more to pay, but she’s glad I’m feeling better. My treatment should last about 3 more months, and then I’ll let you all see how healthy I am! Update 4/27/2009: Roland left us last night. He developed a secondary pneumonia, as well as an allergic medication reaction…with a blood oxygen level of 40%, his foster mom let him go. Godspeed, ‘lil guy – we’ll miss you.