Orthopedic surgery

Breed: Chihuahua DOB: 2008 Sex: Spayed female princess0910 I had a really bad mess in my leg of bones going in a bunch of wrong directions. The shelter couldn’t adopt me out this way so now I am in a foster home. I have this metal thing in my leg to help those bones heal right. Since I can’t really talk, I can’t tell everyone how this happened, but it never slowed me down – even before they put that pin in there – ‘cause I can run really fast with the other 3 legs! I have to go back to the vet to have the pin taken out so I won’t be ready for adoption until the end of October, but meanwhile, I would be really grateful if you want to send me some money to help pay for my big vet bill! I am a pretty active “puppy” and I like to check things out by chewing on them. I love doggie toys and I love doggie treats. I play with the other dogs and sometimes I get disciplined because I get caught teasing some of the senior dogs here. Oops. I figured they might want to play so I was just checking to see if I could talk them into it! Sometimes I get lazy and I don’t feel like going outside to potty. But if foster mom catches me thinking about doing it in the house, she yells my name so then I go dashing outside! I really like to lay in a human lap when I am done playing and I kind of like going into a crate to sleep at night and when the humans go to work so I can be fun and I can be cuddly – pretty good combination for a nice pet dog, don’t you think? Thanks to Karen Schankin for sponsoring Princess! princess0910-2