Orthopedic surgery with plate

Breed: Pomeranian DOB: 2003 Sex: Spayed female Weight: 4.5 pounds Foster home: Sheri P. Being really cute and precious isn’t enough to keep one from getting broken bones.  So here I am with a plate in my front leg and waiting until it is all healed so that I can be adopted.  I tried batting my eyes at the nice veterinarian who operated on me but even though she said I was a darling little dog, she still sent me a bill.  She claims she didn’t get the plate or the anesthesia free and needs my money to pay her bills.  Plus, my surgery was extra tough because I have a lot of scar tissue in my throat.  She was pretty appalled that someone had de-barked me and told me it was a cruel thing to have done. Now I am forced to beg for money.  I won’t beg really loud but I am pretty usually pretty good at letting someone know that I need something.  I let them know if I have go outside – and by the way, I really like to walk around outside – and I will let you know that I want you to pick me up and give me some attention, too. I hope to be available for adoption in mid to late July so you can check back to see if I have paid my bill and am ready to go to a new home.  Meantime, if you want to send money even if you can’t adopt me, I would be very happy and will thank you for helping me! pom0411-2 If you are thinking about adopting me, I do get along with other dogs but I don’t really care if they are around or not.  I don’t have any teeth so you have to be careful what you feed me because I could choke easily because I am so small.  I am too fragile for really young children and I don’t want to play anyway.  I just like hanging around preferably in your lap or in your arms.  I also need my eyes wiped every day because I get little boogers and they will get stuck in my fur.  My fur is pretty thick and so I need lots of grooming, too.