Breed:  Shih tzu
DOB: 2004
Sex: Spayed female
Weight: 10
.5 pounds
Foster home: Julie

Pookie came to us in pretty poor shape.  Besides her pathetic appearance and badly needing a bath and haircut, her teeth were in horrible shape including a fractured canine, and there was an unsightly overgrown mole on her back and her eyes were infected.  She was only 8 1/2 pounds when she went to visit the vet.  While she did not have any symptoms of a heart condition, she had a grade IV to V murmur.  Since her blood work was really good, her chances of having problems with anesthesia were slim so she was prepared for dental work and removal of the mole.  Unfortunately a dental radiograph revealed that she had an old unhealed fractured jaw so no teeth were pulled for fear of causing more harm.  Instead she was given long term antibiotics.  There was a lot of concern that she was a fragile little old lady who would possibly not live very long.

Well this spunky little thing proved everyone wrong!  After a few weeks of mostly just sleeping and taking her antibiotics she started perking up.  She started eating well and going outside to do her business.  She still has a crooked little mouth as her jaw will never heal but she has no problem eating and drinking and no problems barking when she really wants something.  Every evening she starts looking for a lap and barking for someone to pick her up and give her that special time for attention.

Pookie may not have a lot of years left but she has certainly overcome some hurdles so that she can entertain her subjects — after all, she IS a typical shih tzu “princess”!


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This dog is fostered in Holland, MI

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