Breed: American Pit Bull Terrier Mix DOB: 03/11/2009 Sex: Neutered male Weight: 66 pounds Foster home: Christine E. 091-14

Hello. My name is PJ.  I had my Forever Family once when they adopted me at 6 months of age but my Mommy and Daddy both passed away from cancer within 4 months of each other. I was really heartbroken, sad and confused as I loved them both so much. I lost both my parents and then I lost the only home that I knew. My extended family couldn't care for me so I went to the River Rouge Animal Shelter and was very scared. I hurt myself trying to get out of the kennel run and got my head stuck under the fencing. They took good care of me and gave me lots of love and told me it would be okay. They did a lot of networking on Facebook and found someone, my new foster mommy, to take me home and take me into the rescue she volunteers for. She is really nice and I am not scared anymore. There are a lot of doggie beds & toys at her house and I even have a fur sister, named Chloe. I know that I am safe now and I am not afraid anymore. I am still sad sometimes and miss my Mommy and Daddy very much but I know that they are watching over me in heaven and keeping me safe. My foster Mommy calls me an 'Old Soul'. Not sure what that means but its fine with me as long as she gives me love, hugs and kisses all the time.

I have never lived with another dog before but I like Chloe a lot.  I sometimes am a jerk when it comes to toys even though I know she doesn't want to play with them. My Mommy has to remind me to be nice. At bedtime, we head upstairs and I have my very own big bed, which is on my foster mommy's side and I am a good boy and sleep there all night. Foster Mommy covers me up with my blankie and I have my baby to hold onto. I am crate trained and am do great in there when my foster Mommy is gone during the day at work. I am potty trained and I tell my foster mommy when I have to go out. I eat in my kennel like a good boy but foster Mommy had to get me a special bowl to slow me down. I was gobbling my food up way too fast she said. I know how to sit, lie down, give, leave it and shake. We are still learning to heel on leash while on our walks. I like to take the lead when I get outside. I am a pretty low key dog and am just happy and content to be near my people. I entertain myself with my toys and I even go in my kennel to sleep or play with a toy in there too. I am not afraid of it anymore.

I am hoping that someone out there will like me and want to take me home and I can have a Forever Family of my own again. Kids would be nice but they should be 12 and older, not the small kind as I am big and clumsy sometimes and I could knock them over. I would really prefer to be an only dog so I can have all of your love to myself and not have to share you like I have to share my foster Mommy with Chloe. I miss getting all the love. I must have a fenced in yard too so I can run and play outside safely. If you are the family for me and are interested in adopting me, please make sure you do your research regarding my breed. Here are some links to get you started: www.prbc.net and www.badrap.org. And if you decide that you would like to take me home and let me be the light of your life, then please fill out an adoption application at: www.apbpets.com/application.htm.

If you have any questions, please email tzupoomom@gmail.com

Hopefully Yours,


PJ-easter PJ-bday

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