Breed: Chihuahua DOB: 2014 Sex: Spayed female Weight: 8 pounds Foster home: Paula & Tim 162-18 Sweet Phoebe came to APB as an owner surrender. She is a 3-4 year old, 8 lb, spayed, female Chihuahua, UTD on shots, HW-, and microchipped. Phoebe is house trained and will whine when she needs to go out. Keeping her on a schedule will help too. She has used piddle pads in foster care. Phoebe does walk well on a leash and will relieve herself while leash walking. However, she loves to run and is a younger dog so a secure fenced yard would be the preferred situation for this little girl. She is crate trained in the foster home but does whine a little at first because she wants to go where ever her person is going. Phoebe loves car rides! She also enjoys destuffing toys and will even play fetch. She is not an inappropriate chewer and focuses her gnawing needs on toys and dog bones. She responds well to verbal commands. Phoebe also has this cute habit of sitting on her back legs when she wants something or to see better. For that reason, we have nicknamed her our little “Meerkat”. Phoebe is all Chihuahua in her mannerisms and researching this breed will help any adopter understand what these little dogs are about. She has keen ears and will bark but is not yappy. She can be aloof with new people at first but will warm up once she knows them…. especially when given chicken! Phoebe seems to prefer humans to other dogs. We found in the foster home that she does like clothes and seems to feel more confident about life when dressed. We actually found her trying to put on one of her t-shirts by herself!!! Phoebe does get cold too and will burrow under blankets! She will also retreat to her crate when she needs a break from the world around her. Phoebe can be a bit dog selective. Because of this, and because Phoebe seems to prefer human company, we will want to place her as an only dog in any new home. We do not know how she is with cats. Phoebe can be protective of her food and toys with other dogs, and while we have never witnessed her exhibiting this behavior with people, we will not place Phoebe in a home with children. Dog experience will be necessary to adopt Phoebe and Chihuahua experience would be preferred. The perfect home for Phoebe would be a calm one, where she is the center of attention with her humans and where she can be spoiled and doted on. She would love a home where she can travel/adventure with her humans, take leisurely walks on a warm summer evening and lap lounge with her perfect person on those cold Michigan nights. Email with specific questions. If you would like to apply for this dog, click here: Adoption Application