Breed: Borzoi/Bull Mastiff mix
DOB: 2016
Sex: Spayed female
Weight: 81 pounds
Foster home: Shayna

When I came to my foster home, I was very scared of new things and people.  I didn’t know how to walk on a leash and I had never ridden in a car much.  But I am doing so much better now because I graduated from a training program!  It wasn’t a fancy program where I learned a bunch of tricks but I did learn to walk like a good dog on a leash and I am not nearly so timid with new people.

I love my crate and I am young and full of energy so to keep me from of getting into things that I shouldn’t,  I go in there to sleep at night and also when no humans are home.

Small dogs live with me and while I am mostly pretty good with most of them, I would do best with only medium and larger other dogs.  I do best with other male dogs.

I haven’t met any cats yet so I am not sure if I could live peacefully with them.   I haven’t met any little humans yet either so I don’t know if they will be more scary than bigger humans or not.

As a sighthound, I can run like the wind after anything I think I should chase so a fenced yard will be required for my new home.  It has to be a physical fence and not an underground one.

If you have another medium to large dog for me to play with, that would be great but if you are active and can give me some exercise by walking or running or just playing with me outside, I will be fine.

I adore attention from my foster mom and sometimes get really excited and start jumping around.  Remember that I am young and still have a lot of energy but I am also affectionate and loving when I get to know you.

I really am a borzoi mixed with bull mastiff.  A dna test was donated so my relative Krysta was done.  Here are her results.

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