Peanut maltese KY Peanut Maltese incision

Surgery to remove mass and submit for biopsy

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Breed: Maltese
DOB: 2010
Sex: Spayed female
Weight: 10 pounds

I really need to have a quite an extensive dental and to be spayed.  In addition to that, I was an unclaimed stray so I needed all the basic vaccines and a heartworm test plus treatments to get rid of those nasty fleas that were on me and then I had to be wormed because I probably had tape worm.  Whew!  Now I hope the mass I have on my neck is something benign or if completely removed, not a cancer that is likely to return but before I can be adopted, we need to have the mass removed and biopsied.  I am going to have a really big vet bill and I need some help to pay the nice animal doctor.  Can you help?

Update:  I also had 3 mammary tumor so my bill is even higher than I thought!  Everything is sent in to the lab so just waiting now to hear the news on what they all were.

Update:  Biopsy results came in and the mass on my neck is BENIGN.  My mammary tumors are either benign or a low grade of cancer that was completely removed so will probably not come back.  Isn’t that awesome?  I am now ready for adoption!

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