Peanut Tzu


Breed: Shih tzu mix
DOB: 4/21/2011
Sex: Spayed female
 13 pounds
Foster home: Chris

Little Miss Peanut is looking for her forever home. Even though she is 7 years old, she still acts very ‘puppyish’.  She loves to play with toys and loves being around other dogs. She loves to drag socks out from the bedroom into her dog bed…..

When her name is called she cocks her head to the side–Very Cute. She is very attentive to her humans and is always trying to please and do the right thing. She loves to be called ‘Good Girl’.

Peanut would most likely do better in a home with another dog or dogs. She is a follower, not a leader. She loves lots of attention from her humans, loves to snuggle, and loves car rides. Peanut is almost housetrained, we are keeping wee pads by the back door for ‘just in case’ moments.


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