Parvo and Orthopedic surgery

Breed: Schnauzer/Poodle mix DOB: 10-2009 Sex: Neutered male Foster home: Julie Ozziecast I got picked up and brought to a shelter because I was just running around without any ID tags on me. In fact, I didn’t even have a collar on. By the next day I wasn’t feeling too good and I just kept getting worse. I came to a foster home so that I could get some extra care where they would give me Tamiflu to try and keep me from dying — like many puppies with parvo end up doing. It took a few days for me to start feeling really good but I got all better! Even though I was feeling good, I was limping so I had to go to the vet so they could take a picture of my leg. Sure enough, a while back I had broken a bone and now I needed heavy-duty surgery to fix it. (For those of you who like the medical jargon, I had a Type 2 Salter-Harris fracture.) Now I have a pin in my leg and I have to wait until August to find out when I will be ready for adoption. I found out that Tamiflu costs a lot of money. And then the surgery on my leg was even more. If you would like to help out with paying some of my bills, I would be very grateful! Thanks! UPDATE: I am ready for adoption! Boy do I feel good now!!! The dog doctor says I am fit as a fiddle health-wise and I run around as fast as I can and I don’t have any pain in my leg! I wasn’t using it much at first when they took that metal out of it but I starting forgetting to not put any weight on it and I am using it more and more without even thinking about it. You see, I like to run after other dogs and I like to be chased and a dog can’t be bothered with trying to remember how to run when there are more important things to do like catching another dog or not being caught by another dog! I am getting into my “teenage” years right now and foster mom says I have to be honest and tell you that I can be a little naughty sometimes. I see things that look good to chew on and sometimes I am told that it is not something for little dogs to play with. I have lots of doggie toys around that everyone lets me have but they don’t seem to like it if I take things like those wrappers they wear on their feet, or the towel that hangs from the door handle of the refrigerator or the cord that follows that noisy machine they sometimes push around on the floor. Oh well, if they won’t let me chew on the cord, at least I can bark and challenge that noisy metal monster. It will chase after me and then back up and go in another direction but eventually I scare it enough that becomes quiet and gets put in a closet! Ha! When it was time to sleep at night, I use to complain about having to go in one these doggie houses but I always got a treat when I went in there and now I think I really like these “houses”. I hear the rattle of the treat box and I run in the closest one and lay down like I am sleeping. I guess there are big houses that are for the big dogs because if I pick one of those, I always get picked up and put in a smaller one. It seems that they only want me to potty outside here and most of the time I remember that now. It took me awhile to figure it out but I love to go outside so I don’t think that is a bad thing. One more thing – I am really good at letting you know if there are any intruders around. I can hear them outside of the fence especially when it gets dark and they are sneaking around in the field. I bark at them and let them know that I am guarding this place. They must be scared of me because they never come in the yard so I am a very good guard dog. I haven’t met any cats since I have been here or any really young humans so I am not sure what I think of them.