Breed:  Borzoi/Mastiff Mix
DOB: 2015
Sex: Neutered male
Weight: 80 pounds
063-17-149-18 Ollie here.  Sometimes Ollie Oops because once in a while I bump into things.  I am usually careful and don’t do it a lot but in a new place I might underestimate where objects are.  I have PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy) — the retina in my eyes doesn’t see light.  It doesn’t really bother me because I learned to navigate while it happened gradually.  I remember because it is in the name:  Progressive!  I learned to smell and to hear better to help get around and figure out where things were. Sometimes I fool people and they don’t even notice my vision is bad.

As I was growing up, I lived with a lot of other dogs and never met new people.  There are a lot of new things I don’t know anything about so I can be afraid in new situations and in new places where there are new noises.  The cars driving by in the pet store parking lot scared me!  I never heard that kind of noise before but the humans I knew assured me it was okay so I felt a little better. If you have a dog that I can get cues from by following them around, I would really appreciate it.
I love to play with doggie toys.  (I also like to hoard them in my crate.)  I like other dogs and like to play with them sometimes.

I love to sleep to sleep in my crate but I also love attention.  I am a sweet boy who needs a home better than what I had before.  Do you have room to adopt me?

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