Breed: Chihuahua/Pomeranian mix
DOB: 2016
Sex: Spayed female
8 pounds
Foster home: Paula & Tom


Nikki is a spayed 1-2 year old Chihuahua/Pomeranian mix (best guess), about 8 lbs., up to date on shots, microchipped and heartworm negative. She was found as a stray and sadly no one claimed her. We find that hard to believe because she is so sweet and absolutely adorable. We know that Nikki loves people and wants to be with them.

She is a bit standoffish with new people but warms up quickly. She loves to be in laps, will play with toys, loves chewies and tries really hard to get her foster siblings to play with her. She will accept clothes or coats in cold weather. Nikki is very sensitive to firm voices and a simple “No” command works very well when she is doing things not desired. She also is better than most on recall commands.

In foster, we have found her to pick up housetraining fairly quickly and she now goes to the door to go out. She is very quick to do her business when outside too. She is not fond of crates but settles down most of the time when she needs to. The perfect home for Nikki would be one where she is not locked in a crate for long periods of time. She rides very well in a car. Nikki also LOVES, LOVES, LOVES to run. She is not a dog who would be happy on a tie out or with leash walking only (although she has very good manners on a leash and will want to go wherever her people are!). Nikki MUST have a secure physically fenced yard that will allow her to exercise her “wheels”. Nikki is also still very much a puppy and wants to interact with other dogs her size to play. She is VERY agile and athletic. Her perfect home should have a similar age, temperament and size companion for her to play with. We expect that she would harass a cat unless she had a dog companion to turn her attention to. We would require children older
than 10yrs in any home Nikki is placed in. Because Nikki moves so fast, vigilance around open
doors is a must.

Email with specific questions.

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