Demodex Mange with complications

Breed: Pit Bull Terrier mix DOB: 10-2005 Sex: Spayed female Foster home: Julie TA DA!!!  I am ready for adoption!  It has been a long “haul” getting me over the demodex mange but it is finally gone!  The “pink” picture of me was taken when I first came from the shelter.  That was over a year ago.  It took so long for me to be ready for adoption because I had an allergic reaction to some of the medicines and my skin got even worse. Then I developed a bacterial skin infection so the healing took even longer. Nida2007Apr2 Even though I often felt pretty sore and uncomfortable through this ordeal, the whole time I have always been a happy and friendly little girl and was always an excellent “patient”. In fact, I always thought I was a lap dog and still try to be!  I never get sick of hugs and petting and attention! I play with other dogs really well but I can get bossy with new dogs that come in so I have to be watched sometimes at first.  Once I know they are here to stay, I totally accept them as part of the “pack”.  I love doggie toys and am almost over my “chewing” stage of “eating” things I shouldn’t.  These nylon bones are the best.  I even try to sneak them outside so that I can hide them from other dogs.  In fact, I sneak a lot of toys outside! Those ones with stuffing in them are really fun to rip apart.  Sometimes if I get them outside without anyone noticing, I can make it look like it snowed in part of the lawn! I am crate trained and housebroke but have not been around cats.  I am a little shy sometimes with new people but am a total “attention hog” when I get to know you.  And when people come over that I recognize, I always bring them one of my favorite toys to let them know I like them! Thanks to John Schankin for helping with Nida’s treatment for demodex mange!