Thyroid testing plus multiple culture & susceptibility testing for resistance bladder infection

FatMollydoodle0005 Breed: Goldendoodle DOB: 2005 Sex: Spayed female Weight: 94 pounds, down from 111! Foster home: Julie 181-12 UPDATE: Aug 20 I have the veterinarians really perplexed. I still have a bladder infection! This time they will try a different way to treat me because they really want me to get rid of these persistent bacteria. They are going to test me again in a few weeks to see if this time we have it right. Meanwhile, most of my long hair has fallen out but it looks like the new hair growing in is really healthy and strong. At least that part of my problems is hopefully solved. UPDATE: July 20 Oh dear. I still have a bladder infection. They are waiting to hear which antibiotic I have to take this time. But I am down to 94 pounds – isn’t that awesome?! I still have a ways to go yet to get to my ideal weight but I am feeling a lot better. It will be a few weeks again before I know if I am ready for adoption but I will let you know. UPDATE: June 9 So I found out that I need to take some pills a couple of times a day to help my thyroid work the right way. I have been taking them for about 2 weeks now and today I weighed 101 pounds! Isn’t that great news? All the scabs on my skin are gone, I don’t sleep all day, I wag my tail almost all the time and I want to eat my meals – in fact, I have turned into quite a beggar for food. I am not real obnoxious about it though. If you tell me no, I listen real well. It will be 2 more weeks of pills before I go back for a checkup. I am also taking some pills for a really bad bladder infection I had so I need more tests to make sure they are working. Hopefully I will still get some donations because I still have quite a big bill to pay at the dog doctor. Thanks! Original bio: I’m not sure what happened here but I kept gaining weight, having skin problems and I kept getting bladder infections. My doctor said I needed some blood tests and a urinalysis and maybe a skin test and x-rays. But my previous owner had passed away and so there wasn’t anyone to pay for all this. I am not very old and I am a very good girl and I really would like to know what is wrong. Maybe I can take some medicine or have a special diet or something so that I can feel better again. I hope there is someone out there who would like to send me some money so that I can have the nice doctor get some tests done on me. I can let you know later what she finds out! UPDATE: 9/4/12 After more than $1000 in medical bills, we are now – finally – accepting applications for Molly! Results of her latest lab test shows that she has minimal bacteria present. She should be ready for adoption by mid next week. In addition, she is down to 88 pounds! She will need to be on the thyroid supplement medication for the rest of her life but it is not an expensive medication. If you are interested in adopting Molly, be aware that her weight will need to be monitored for a few months so that the thyroid supplement can be adjusted based on her size. Once she reaches her optimal weight, she can start receiving the medication only once a day rather than twice a day. Also, while Molly adores to go for rides in a vehicle, she barks while going to the car and barks once in it and then, if you turn on the windshield wipers, she will try to attack them. We have been working on “untraining” her to attack the wipers — this is a very dangerous habit that could cause an accident – an adopter needs to be aware of this and continue to discourage it. Other than those concerns, Molly is a great dog and will make someone a wonderful companion. She gets along great with other dogs but doesn’t appear to need other canine companions. There have been many, many people interested in keeping track of Molly’s progress so hurry and fill out the application if you are interested in adopting her FatMollydoodle0001