Breed: Shih Tzu DOB: 7/7/2011 Sex: Spayed Female Foster: Chris P. Millie1 Millie is one special little girl. What a story she has to tell! She has traveled all the way from Missouri to the Lansing, Michigan area, all in hopes of finding a better life. For 3 years, her whole purpose in life was to produce puppies, living (most likely) her whole life in a cage. Very sad….. Her ears were badly infected and required multiple treatments.  Many of her teeth were rotten so she needed extensive dental work.  By the time Millie’s visits to the vet were completed, her bills totaled well over $500.   Please consider donating to help us cover all her costs. The transition for Millie has not been easy, although she is making GREAT progress. I am hopeful that someone who has dealt with this type of situation will take Millie in. She is VERY skittish, and at times it is even hard to pick her up. Her instinct is to fear humans and run away. She has become very reliant on the Shih Tzu in her foster home. Millie follows her every move. So I am requiring that there will be a buddy dog in her new home. It seems to give Millie a sense of security and confidence to interact and try new things. We are working on house training, and simple obedience commands. We are using lots of positive reinforcement.  It is amazing how well she is catching on. I love seeing her progress – snuggling on the couch, tossing toys in the air, running outside, ears perking up when she sees a squirrel, conquering her fear of stairs, wagging her tail when I come home, and on and on.