Breed: American Pit Bull Terrier
DOB: 2-2011
Sex: Neutered male Weight:
55 lbs
Foster home: Theresa

Please Note:  Maddox will not be adopted outside the state of Michigan.

This doofus goofball has the attention span of a gnat.  But if you have food or treats, he becomes very motivated.  He still searches for food as if he cannot get enough and, therefore, has the bad habit of counter surfing, which we are working on.  Maddox was found in a ditch so weak he could barely move.  He was near death.  His rescuers put him in their car and drove him to the nearest vet where he underwent a blood transfusion to save his life.  If his rescuers ever read this, Maddox would love to say, “Thank you for saving me!”

Maddox is a great lap dog and if you aren't looking, the next thing yo

u know, he is sitting in your lap with a smile on his face. He likes being a snuggle bunny too. Maddox will need to be an only dog. He does fine with other dogs at first but when he gets too "wild" and they warn him by growling, he reacts more than he should.

He enjoys car rides and new adventures and whatever good things life has to offer.

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