Heartworm Treatment

Breed: American Staffordshire Terrier mix DOB: 2001-2003 Sex: Spayed female Foster home: Cathy Hi, my name is Maddie. Nobody knows what my name used to be, but I was found wandering on Madison Street so my foster mommy decided to call me Maddie. Things have been pretty rough lately, but the people at APB say it will be better from now on. I sure hope they’re right! I got bailed out of doggie jail yesterday, but it turns out I still need some help. Not only did my former people not come look for me when I got lost (or maybe I was dumped and not really lost at all), they didn’t give me heartworm preventative. A really cheap pill once a month could’ve kept me from getting heartworm. But since I didn’t get that pill, now I have to go through really expensive and painful treatment. Do you think maybe you could make a donation to help APB pay for my treatment? It doesn’t have to be a lot – every little bit helps! Thank you! Woofs & Kisses,   maddie