Auto-immune disorder

Breed: Australian Shepherd DOB: 2009 Sex: Neutered male Foster home: Glenna 310-14 lukeaussie3 Luke is a 5 year old Australian Shepherd who ended up in Animal Control as a stray dog. Animal Placement Bureau pulled him from a shelter where he was unlikely to get adopted because of a skin condition. His body was covered with scabs and his skin was inflamed. After treatment at the vet with antibiotic for the secondary skin infection he had a biopsy to determine the cause of his skin issues. What we learned is he has an auto immune disease.called Pemphigus. It requires treatment with steroids to help get it under control. Although it makes him look a sorry sight as besides the inflamed skin and scabs he has some hair loss. The condition isn’t contagious and he is beginning to look better each day with his treatment. He has beautiful blue eyes and is a black tri-colored aussie. He also has only part of a back foot likely due to a farm accident which wasn’t discovered until he was groomed. . He is incredibly affectionate. He has been fine with my cat. So far he has been housebroken other than having to urinate more often with the steroids. He will make someone a great companion. The bills for his care for the biopsy, testing and medications plus supplements to help him regain his health is something APB takes care of with help from ASRIM. We could use donations for his continued care to bring him back to being a healthy and vital dog once again. Email for questions about Luke!