Cataracts – Diagnosis and hopefully surgery!

Breed: Schnauzer/Poodle mix
DOB: 2012
Sex: Spayed female
 18 lbs
Foster home: Lisa

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Hiya! I’m Lucy!! Please ignore my hairdo…..I was surrendered to a shelter, and, well….I had dreadlocks. EEK! That’s no way for a gorgeous girl like me to hang out! I also had a REALLY bad hematoma in one ear – it looked like a shipping pillow pack. And it HURT!

So, I went to the vet. They put a drain in. I had to wear that icky CONE for TWO WHOLE WEEKS! So the dreadlocks got cut off everything, but my head wasn’t gonna happen. Nope, nope, nope!

The other not-so-fun thing about being dumped in a shelter? Other than the fact that I am WAY too awesome for that? Well, I’m mostly blind. I have distinct cataracts, but I can see shadows. I learned the house really well, and I don’t bump into stuff all that often. I’m really smart too – I found the COUCH right away!

So, since I can see shadows, we’re all hoping maybe the eye vet can fix me up. I’m going on the 19th, so cross your paws! We’ll update here after I’ve been to see him.

Whaddya think? Eyes are awesome, right? Can you help us fix mine?

Remember,  cross those paws! – Lucy!

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