Opthamology issues, undiagnosed as yet

Breed: Terrier mix DOB: 1-2014 Sex: Spayed female Foster home: Lisa 310-14 Hiya! Boing! I’m Lucy, and I’m HAPPY!!!! I ended up in a shelter…and they noticed my eyes look kinda funny. They’re dilated all of the time. So, they said – APB, can you take Lucy to the doggie eye doctor? And get her all checked out? The doggie eye doctor is really busy, so I’m going there in a couple of weeks – we’ll see what’s up with my funny eyes, and if they can fix me up or not. Don’t worry one ‘lil bit about me, tho – ‘member, I’m HAPPY! I love love LOVE to play with other dogs, and run around in the yard, and chase those fuzzy SQUIRRELS! My foster mom says – baby got BOUNCE! I try to go up inna tree after them! I didn’t know much about being good in the house. OOPS! Nobuddy taught me! So I ate some stuff that I wasn’t s’posed to. I’m learning to only eat stuff I’m s’posed to, like chewies, and to play with toys. But I’m going to need some more work on that. I’m also working on that whole potty outside thing. Now, ’cause I don’t see like I’m s’posed to, new peoples is SCARY! I’ll barkbarkbark at them, til I learn that they’re friends. THEN, I’m HAPPY, and I wanna sit on their laps and stuff. So I will need slow careful introductions to new peoples, and I am not a good match for ‘lil people. I’d really LOVE me another dog to play with, tho! Stay tuned, we’ll update you all about what the doctor says. Inna meantime, I’m gonna go chase a squirrel! Update: Well, boo. The doggie eye doctor says…yep, her eyes are a bit weird. But, they react to light. And I don’t walk into stuffs – I get around really well. Soooo….there’s no fixing to be done. I’m still scared of new people and situations – so we’re going to be working on that. Do you think you wanna hang out with me, and help me learn? Apply for me! Email for questions about Lucy! Thanks to Robert & Leslie Nason for their generous donation!