Breed: Chihuahua
DOB: 2010
Sex: Neutered Male
Weight:  8.5 lbs.
Foster home: Jan and Al

Kiwi came to APB in April from Ingham County Animal Control.  He was turned in to them as a stray dog who needed urgent medical care.  It turns out he had severe demodectic mange (non-contagious).  The poor little guy was really suffering and itching! He has since been treated and is looking and acting much better!  He still needs to grow some more hair back and needs to be neutered before being adopted out.  Kiwi is a sweet dog who loves people and other small dogs, especially his foster brother (Kewpie) who came in with him. They both had mange, but Kiwi’s wasn’t nearly as severe. He would really love to be in a forever home where he would be cuddled often, and he loves belly rubs!  He will repay you with unending love and affection! For more info, contact: