Orthopedic Surgery

Breed: Chihuahua DOB: 2005 Sex: Spayed female Foster home: Julie This pretty little dog was an injured stray whose owner’s could not be found.  Her left rear leg was broken and she needed a pin put in to help it heal correctly.  She sure could use some help in paying off her medical bill! Once she is healed, she will be ready for a home – probably in late May.  This home can have other dogs because even when her leg was hurting, she was great with all the dogs and even tried to play.  She is also very friendly with people and is affectionate and obedient. For now, we do not if she would be good with cats or very young children. Hazel update: Hazel did not have her pin removed as was hoped in May.  She will be re-checked and hopefully the bone will be healed enough for removal near the end of June.  Meanwhile, we have learned that Hazel is a “runner” and will take any chance she can get to escape out the yard to go out and about exploring.  If you call her, she totally ignores you!  So Hazel is going to need some serious obedience work with a new owner so that she does not get away and break another leg!  She loves to play with other dogs but does sometime act afraid and will bark at some new dogs.  When meeting new people, she can act very nervous but she loves to sit in laps and adores attention. Hazel0002