Breed: Borzoi/Bull Mastiff mix DOB: 10/2/2014 Sex: Neutered Male Weight: 80 lbs Foster home: Julie 230-16 To be totally honest here, I will probably be very shy of you when you first meet me.  It took me almost a month to not be afraid of my foster mom.  Now that I trust her, I jump up and down on my front legs when she comes home and I am often coming to her for attention.  While I really like her now, I can be a little stubborn about some things.  At first I refused to go in a crate like my female siblings so I was kept gated in the laundry room.  The gate is 5 foot high because I could probably jump over anything smaller — in fact, if I really wanted to, I could probably jump this gate!  But now I did learn to be crated.  And I will probably need to be crated for a year or so because I have chewed up some things I shouldn’t in the laundry room. I get along with all the other dogs here but I do have to be watched around the really small dogs.  I am not mean and don’t seem to have much of a prey drive but I try to play with even the little dogs and foster mom is worried I may hurt them because I get so excited.  I really need another large dog to play with and if you already have a sighthound, that would be cool. But don’t worry.  If you have another medium or large dog of any breed, I am happy to play with them. gund-pp-curled Car rides are fun and I even went for a walk in a busy park.  I did try to hide under picnic tables when there were a lot of people close by but did pretty good walking on a leash with a harness on.  I did met a few dogs there and really liked that, though. Since I am a sighthound, I will need a physically fenced in yard that is about 5 foot tall.  Anything shorter probably won’t keep me inside until I become as affectionate with you as I am with my foster mom. Gund will need to be adopted within about a 200 mile radius of Lansing. Email if you have any questions about me. If you would like to apply for this dog, click here: Adoption Application