Greta Tzu

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Breed: Shih Tzu
Sex: Spayed female
12 pounds
Foster home: Julie

While I look sweet and innocent, there is something you need to know about me.  If you offer me any food, with your hands, I may grab it and that includes your fingers.  I am not being mean and I am not trying to hurt anyone but I GRAB the treat and if you don’t want your fingers to get bruised, you need to put it in your palm and hold your palm on the floor.  But really, that is not so bad I am thinking because I am otherwise such a sweet girl!

Most of the time I do my business outside. I don’t really understand about telling you when I have to go and we are on a pretty good schedule in my foster home so I go just go outside at regular times. I do know what doggie potty-pads are so sometimes I go on them but snow and rain don’t bother me so I will gladly go outside, too.

I have an enlarged heart and a heart murmur and did not have any symptoms at first.  The heart doctor said I could be fine for a long time.  However, I caught a bad cold and then started having problems after that.  I am now taking two pills twice a day and am doing quite good.

I like to go for car rides and I like to sleep on your bed at night. If you don’t want me on your bed, I will sleep in a cuddle bed but I do like to be near you at night and I like to hang around in the room where you are when you are home. I will go in a crate but I don’t really need to be in one when you are gone.

I stayed in a house with some cats for a couple of days and they didn’t seem like a big deal. I have met some younger children and they seem fine, too but since I have this problem with food and treats, my foster mom says I can’t go to a home with really young humans.

I guess that’s about it so go ahead and fill out an application for me so that I can live in a really nice home for the rest of my life!



Fostered in Holland, MI

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