Breed: Beagle
DOB: 2010
Sex: Spayed female
 26 pounds
Foster home: Cheryl B.
Ginger is a 9 year old, 26 pound female beagle who she carries her age well.  Once Gnger adjusts, she is funny and sweet and so intuitive.  Ginger doesn’t hear well, but still seems to know everything that is going on. Ginger would love to eat, sleep, go outside and repeat all day long but she’s been left for 8 hours and does fine.  She will ask to go to the door every time you are close to it, but once told no, she submits.  If she really wants to go, she will nag you incessantly so you won’t be confused.  She loves the big yard and will spend 20 minutes exploring every inch.  Ginger pulls on the leash but we’re working on that and she sits pretty before getting her treats and is very gentle with both treats and food.  She’s not really into toys but loves, loves getting her tummy rubbed and get’s very playful with other dogs.  She will become attached quickly and follow you from room to room, just to insure you’re not leaving.  No pressure, just lays down and waits for you to move, sometimes in the doorway.  It’s been a month or so and she is now insuring I’m where she left me and then going to the couch to sleep.  She wants to be near you so sleeping on her bed beside me at night didn’t work.  She sleeps with me, often touching and must have a slight sinus issue as she has the most endearing little snore.  She also has the most adventurous dreams and I laugh listening to her purr and chirp.  Ginger is a nester and I’ve watched her scratch and pull with her mouth, 2 blankets and a towel before laying down.  She is very stealth and I’ve thought about putting a bell on her as she just pops up.  While not all that verbal, she does bark (howl) at the door when you leave but only for a minute or so.  When introduced to new people and dogs, she becomes very quiet and submissive.  I’ve taken her to a nursing home and she’s great with allowing everyone to pet her but seems very shy.  I’ve not seen her around cats or small children so do not know.
All that being said, Ginger needs to be around other dogs, and a fenced in yard would serve her well.  She had most of her back teeth pulled and is being weaned to dry dog food with some hot water. She is on Hill’s Prescription Diet C/D food as her urinary pH was high but no bladder or kidney stones. Ginger is a real sweetheart and would be a loving, adoring, fun member of any family.
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