Ginger Girl


Breed:  Cocker mix
DOB: 2011
Sex: Spayed female
Weight: 18 pounds
Foster home: Dale

When I was brought to the shelter they said I was old and blind and I was a poodle mix.  Somebody had it all wrong!  I admit that I couldn’t see very well but my eyesight is not bad because of my age.    I not only had juvenile cataracts but also dry-eye that was never treated.  My corneas were so scratched and irritated that it tooks months of eye drops to help heal them.

My cataracts were taken out but my dry-eye is still active so now I am taking a couple of medications that I probably need for the rest of my life.  My eye sight isn’t the best but it is not like I have to run an agility course or anything.

I get along great with other dogs and humans, am housetrained, never chew anything I shouldn’t, rarely bark and am just an all around great little girl.

Since my breed was a mystery, someone donated the money to have a DNA test done on me.  I was excited to learn who my grandparents were.  Check out my ancestry percentages.  But don’t worry.  I do not act much like the last 12.5% of my makeup as I don’t herd or climb mountains or hunt BUT I am a GREAT companion!


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