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Breed: Pug mix
DOB: 2011
Sex: Neutered male
Weight: 43 pounds
Foster home: TJ & Erin
I have the sweet, loving personality of a pug in a 40 pound body!  I’m not fat, just big and robust!  I have the sweetest happy pug face and I’m always smiling!  I like treats, and I have great manners around food!  I like treats but eat them carefully and delicately!  I can “sit” for a treat on command!
I love to play “tug” or chew on toys, but I need some STRONG toys so I don’t destroy them!  Even though I love to chew toys, I don’t chew on furniture or blankets.  I’m a really easy going boy with a fun personality!
I sleep happily in a crate all night, snuggled in soft blankies.  During the day, I love to spend time exploring my fenced in yard and barking at squirrels!
I get along quickly with new dogs, big or small.  I think cats are fun to bark at through the gate, but when I get to meet them, I just ignore them!
I love to snuggle up with my people on the couch for a nap or TV marathon!  I have an adorable little pug snore, but nothing too loud!  I enjoy getting my ears scratched and will rub my head on you!  I didn’t know what mom was doing to me when she first tried to brush me, but now that I know how good it feels, I love it!
I’d love a family who wants the great personality of a pug in the body of a medium-sized dog!  I am a great mix of energy and manners!  I’m happy all the time and get along with everyone.
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